The Worst Foods To Eat for Brittle Bones, Say Dietitians

Your leg bone's connected to your ankle bone…. But will it fracture when you bounce down

the mogul run on your first ski trip this winter? As we get older,

unfortunately, we have to start thinking about keeping our bones strong.

Avoiding foods that are bad for the bone is important for both women and men who want to keep their skeletons strong as they age.

Here are some to consider. And while you're shying away from bone-depleting foods,

consider adding these Best Supplements for Preventing Bone Loss.

High-sodium foods


Processed meats and fatty steaks


Foods and drinks with refined carbs and added sugars


What About Beans?

You may have read that beans or legumes contain a substance that can reduce the absorption of some nutrients. "Phytic acid binds to certain minerals like calcium preventing absorption," says Fazio. But Fazio and other dietitians we spoke with say the benefits of eating beans significantly outweigh any possible negative effect on bones.

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