Many women could miss signs of rare breast cancer

Inflammatory breast cancers are uncommon and have some uncommon warning signs

and symptoms that many ladies do not realize can sign the disease.

Experts at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center shared these symptoms,

elevating consciousness about this aggressive and lethal kind of breast cancer.

Symptoms are comparable to these of a breast infection. They consist of an orange peel-like texture or dimpling of the skin,

a feeling of heaviness, tightening of the skin, engorgement of the breast, and infection-like redness.

"Women must understand that radical adjustments to the breast are no longer normal, stated Dr.

Ko Un Park, is a surgical oncologist who leads a new Inflammatory Breast Cancer Program at the center.

"It is necessary for women to understand adjustments in each the look and experience

of their breasts so that adjustments can be mentioned rapidly with a physician."

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