Hair-straightening chemicals linked to higher uterine cancer risk

Women who use chemical hair straightening merchandise are a greater chance of uterine cancers 

in contrast to girls who do now not use these products, a new learn about from the National Institutes of Health says.

The researchers discovered no comparable affiliation with uterine cancers for different hair

merchandise that the ladies stated using, consisting of hair dyes, bleach, highlights, and perms.

The findings were regarded Monday in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

No data used to be accrued on manufacturers or components in the hair merchandise used via the ladies collaborating in the study.

But the researchers stated various chemical substances observed in straighteners, such as parabens, bisphenol A, metals,

and formaldehyde, may additionally be contributing to the improved uterine most cancers risk.

may also be greater than different private care merchandise due to the fact that elevated absorption thru the scalp

can also be exacerbated by means of burns and lesions precipitated through straighteners.

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