How to increase memory power naturally In 2021

How to increase memory power naturally

Memory loss continues to be one of the pressing global issues of our time. This is of course, both for people in society and for people in their older days. There are numerous ways to help one’s brain grow smarter, but unfortunately, we cannot depend on super-powerful drugs which are meant to actively fight the effects of aging.

I recently listened to a TED talk on the area of memory consolidation. The subject of this talk was about how older adults show an increased ability to recall information and retrieve new information. What the research shows is that unlike the findings from other fields, this is primarily a neural process rather than external influences on brainpower.

Some of the research has shown that even in adulthood, the ability to retain information is largely by chance. Sometimes we do it as a coincidence, but there is a universal tendency to do it — the most obvious answer would be to work on memory capacity in the brain, and this appears to be a good strategy. However, as we age we have an increase in the number of changes that can lead to the above-mentioned symptoms, so the biggest achievement we can achieve is to not forget easily.

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1. Brain stimulation

One way to improve memory is to play memory games. This is the opposite of CBT, and we need only the research (case studies) to prove our thesis! “Brain-stimulating experiences interfere with the structure and functioning of the brain. A solution might be to increase the frequency of such experiences or to be exposed to more examples of simple activities that stimulate the brain.” (Webb, 2012)

Our brains tend to physically increase in numbers as we get older — by evolutionary force, we would imagine. And our deeper connectivity appears as we mature; additionally, we tend to be more efficient when it comes to remembering things like what had happened and remembering new information. Furthermore, changing our daily lifestyle can also help to improve memory. Consider doing something less demanding on your brain like drinking red wine or taking a warm bath.

Learning to sort through our own thoughts can also have a positive impact on our ability to remember and recall information. We’re triggered to do this most when we’re stressed out, which can also be used to support being more energized rather than feeling tired. With this in mind, I always try to slowly build this habit into my schedule without having anxiety attacks.

2. Giving yourself a period of rest

Making yourself more relaxed — a general no-brainer — and also, giving yourself a spell of rest. This takes you away from any negative anxiety feelings and leaves you more rested to think clearly. (The effect of stress is the complete opposite; it makes you more active than you have been!)

At a more deep level, our brains are good at remembering information if we give them enough. I also recommend giving your brain some time off. This can be in form of longer breaks or more breaks when you need to. However, most of the benefits of giving your brain some rest come from not having to come back to your phone to check something.

3. Motivation

Motivation is for naught unless we can create it. There are several studies that show that a simple process of verbal or nonverbal therapy can significantly enhance memory. This means getting in touch with the feelings that drive us. I would recommend reading through them or watching their videos. Neuroscientists believe that these techniques can improve memory capacity by as much as 80%.

However, there are several studies that suggest we need a more effective intervention to improve memory. Again, with this in mind, we can go for audios or movies that are more focused on nostalgia. (If you wanted to get in touch with a person, consider asking them.)

Not surprisingly, family visits are the main reason people are able to improve memory capacity; this concept has been going on for centuries. It is difficult to have these kinds of ceremonies during our twenties and thirties — but they are completely great for your mental health, and they are the most important events you will have, for the whole of your adult life.

Don’t forget that you do not have to live a life of unhappiness, you can exercise more, you can get into better shape, you can spend time away from your technology and you can enjoy your childhood that you probably can’t now, as you are older. (Although nice sippers of coffee from someone would be okay.) There are many different other ways to improve memory capacity, so pick the one that works for you and do it.

Before you go off to read other articles, let me know what you found useful. I can promote the research to a wider audience so that more people may benefit. The more people that benefit, the more that research is likely to be successful. Please let me know.

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