10 Best Ways Winter skin care tips at home 2021

10 Best Ways Winter skin care tips :-

All the people do not know how many measures they take about their face, especially in winter, so friends today we are going to tell you all that in winter, how can we make our face smooth and fair and our facial skin How to take care.

How can you keep your dry dry skin right? In every season we have to take many measures regarding our skin. There is dryness in your skin, the skin starts to look like white,

Skin eruptions, Psoriasis, many types of problems happen with our skin.
The way your skin is cracking, if there is any kind of skin related problem in winter, then it is very important to take care of it immediately.

Through this post, we are going to give such information to all of you people, with which you will be able to take care of your skin in a good way, but your skin will become smooth and fair,

you can get this information in many ways in the world of internet. But we are going to tell you all in simple language through this post.

In this article, you are going to get 10 such tips, which if you follow the tips, then you can make your skin fair and soft.

  1. Drink more water : – 10 Best Ways Winter skin care tips

Most of the people when the winter season comes, they stop drinking water because thirst is also less, all this happens due to sweating in winter our body does not sweat.

That is why we do not feel thirsty, and we get to see its effect on the skin of our body. The reason for our dry dry skin is that there is a lack of moisture in our body,

For this, you will have to drink more and more water, you can drink a glass of water after every 1 hour, so that the amount of moisture in your body remains, in this way you can take care of the skin of your body.

2. Bathing in winter :- 10 Best Ways Winter skin care tips

As winter approaches, all the people start using hot water when they take a bath, in winter we take bath with hot water but by doing this we are saved from cold but we can save our lives. Can not save the skin of the face, yes friends, it is true that if your water is too hot, even if it cannot burn your skin, but its effect can be seen very much on the skin of your face.

Our small mistakes can put us in a problem. But I do not say that you should not take a bath with hot water, what I mean to say is that if you can take a bath with normal water, it is even better or even if there is a little warm water, there will be no problem.

The harm of hot water is seen only on the skin of our face and somewhere in the delicate parts of the body, if you put even a little bit of hot water on your head, then its effect can be seen in your eyes. But it must be seen because the eyes are the most delicate part of the body.

Special information- Through this post, we are not giving only facial tips to all of you, along with the face, we are giving information about the entire skin of the body.

3. Taking care of ankles :-

As the winter starts increasing, some effects are seen in our body parts.

The biggest effect all of you will get to see on the heels of the feet. You can make the heels of your feet with normal, smooth and soft skin.

If your ID or something is cracking excessively or sometimes blood is also seen from the ankles.

In case of such a major problem, you should take care of your ADO immediately.

All of you are going to get the most accurate and accurate information that you can correct such cracked heels at home.

Even if we cut the skin of such cracked heels, it does not cause pain.

1.1- The skin of the ankles which has become more torn, you have to clean their skin properly with a nail-cutting machine, or with such a sharp object or because the skin which is not hurting He has to bite you little by little.

In this way the skin of your ankles will be cleaned, now you will not get to see more villages in the heels of your feet and the pits will also be reduced.

1.2- After cleaning the skin, now you have to pour hot water in a vessel. Now you have to keep your ankles pressed in that hot water for about 15 minutes. The water should not be too hot.

1.3- Apply Vaseline after being submerged in water. You can do all this while sleeping at night. You’ll be able to make the skin on your heels smooth and soft in just 2 days.

4. Taking care of food and drink for the skin :-

As winter starts coming, in the same way many types of fruits, fruits and vegetables also come in the market.

If you have dry skin, it means that you should use more and more salads and green vegetables.

In this way, you will see the most effect of green vegetables and salads on your face.

Your face will look like feeding and its biggest advantage is that there will be no skin related diseases anywhere on your body.

If you have got pimples on your face or you have got dark black spots on your face, then you will use more and more salads and green vegetables, you have to use it only for 15 days, I can say with guarantee that the doctor medicines you need Giving pills will not give as much benefit as it will get from salad and green vegetables.

If I can’t believe it, then you must try it once, here is a natural way, it will have a great effect on your body.

Special information – The world of the Internet is full of such information, but most of the information you will find with the product – those who promote their product to sell in the market, and those who read it and believe in it And also buy that product and its effect is seen that- the beauty of your face becomes worse than before.

That’s why we are telling you a very natural way, definitely try it once.

5. The effect on the skin is due to hands :- 10 Best Ways Winter skin care tips

All of us in winter or in any season, first of all we look at our face, how dryness has come on our face, how our hot is bursting. All this happens because of our hands, all of you must have noticed that in the winter season the first effect is on our hands.

And then our face also starts looking dry and dry, it is very easy to take care of it, when we go out of the house, there is anything Vaseline on our hands, whatever may be the Vaseline substance which helps to make your hands smooth, by applying that substance on our hands Get out of your house in winter.

6. Lips bursting : –

Whether it is a girl or a boy, there is a big effect on everyone’s lips in the winter season. Most people’s lips tend to crack during the season, and we can’t take care of anything to get them right as soon as possible.

Everything happens here, friends, because of just one mistake, when we come out of the house, we do not go by putting anything on our lips, girls put something or the other on their lips, due to which we pay attention in a good way. able to keep

But when it comes to boys, the biggest information for boys is that if your lips are bursting, then you have to apply such an oily substance to your lips so that it does not break more and more, and whenever you come out of the house, there By applying oily substances on your lips, you will never have this type of problem.

7. How to keep facial skin right: –

In winter, we get so busy that we are unable to pay attention to the care of our face, just as the weather changes, in the same way we should also change the care of the skin of our body,

To take care of your facial skin, you must wash your face with a little lukewarm water every day, keep in mind that it should be lukewarm water and not hot water – hot water will take away the beauty of your face, lukewarm water on your face But if there will be any kind of problem, it will help in eradicating it.

Many people do not trust these natural tips because they have never tried them on themselves, and get caught in the trap of such tips which are a product, and spoil the beauty of their face even more. The information provided is purely natural information.

8. Take healthy diet :- 10 Best Ways Winter skin care tips

The problem of all people is that they keep thinking about what we eat, what we drink and thinking about this, they get caught in the cycle of healthy diet, usually whatever we eat, its effect on our skin. It is seen that the moisture of the skin is lost in winter, so fruits like strawberries, grapes, blueberries, and cherries should be consumed in sufficient quantity to keep the skin healthy and brighten the face.

You have to eat more of such fruits which have more water content.

Many people may not understand whether it is of the body or of the skin of the body.

Whatever it is told, its effect is first on the skin of your body.

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9. Choose the right product to apply on the skin :-

Friends, we lose the beauty of our face in many ways, sometimes we use such a product whose effect is very fatal on our face and we go on applying that product on our face without caution.

We are not able to see whether this product is causing harm to our face or whether this product is right.

Use such a product that your friends have used your friends new and its result came right then only use some product.

Because there are many types of products going on in the market, which you can apply on your face to get glowing skin in very few days, but sometimes that product becomes so fatal that it also makes your skin glowing. Due to which you can see dark black spots on your face and many such problems – which are not even able to treat –

That is why you are being given correct and accurate and natural information through this post.

10. Stop rubbing the face :-

Many people apply any product on their face or apply anything on your face, you keep your face continuously for less than 5 minutes, so you people never have to do this, you should always keep your face If you want to clean, you can use a soft cloth, if you are applying any product, then be careful not to rub the skin of your face too much while applying the product,

If this sequence is done once in Tapti, then it is fine, it also increases the capacity of new schemes and skin care products. If we are the beauty of our face, it is because of our fault there. We make some such mistake, due to which we get glowing of the skin of our face.

We hope that the information given in this post has been liked by all of you, and we will try to give you the best information in the future, if any of your friends have any kind of skin related problem, then you You can share this post with your friends.

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